New York Mayor Tries To Kill School Choice By Executive Fiat

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.” – Thomas Jefferson

What is the threat of charter schools? Beyond just that, what is the threat of a non-public education? Given all the noise made about school vouchers, one could be led to believe that the government has it out for private schools. Charter schools are a safe haven for parents whose children attend failing public schools. Charter schools offer a choice for upward mobility—specifically for people in poor districts.

But that sentiment—helping children in need of a better education—doesn’t mesh with the Left’s desire to indoctrinate the next generation of voters. According to Breitbart:

Last week, [New York Mayor] de Blasio announced he is pulling the plug on $210 million in funding set aside for charter school buildings and re-directing it toward increasing pre-school programs…he argued that charter schools have a ‘destructive impact’ on traditional schools and should have to pay to use public classrooms.”

The concept behind school choice is this: many public schools are failing. Whether it’s due to ineffective teachers, poor management, or mismanagement of funds, many public schools—especially in poorer districts—are not giving kids the education they need to survive in life. Because children are tied to the schools in their districts, many are stuck in failing schools, without hope of escape. Vouchers (school choice) offers kids in failing schools the opportunity to go somewhere better. By taking the tax money that would normally be sent to a failing school, and giving it to another, better school, kids can receive the education they deserve. The Democrats hate this.

The Democrats rely on union votes, and some of their biggest supporters are members of the teachers unions. When money is taken from a bad school, and given to another public school, or even a private school, that hurts the unions. The bad teachers and administrators lose their jobs, or get pay cuts, and the symbiosis between the Democrats and the unions is broken.

Additionally, Democrats don’t want kids going from public schools to private schools, because public schools are perfect indoctrination centers for the liberal agenda. The Left needs this next generation to be as ignorant as the last, so they can con their way into winning elections. The best way to do this is by starting young. If the Left can indoctrinate children at a young age, they will win the battle before it even started.

De Blasio is keen on this situation. Charter schools, and vouchers, and school choice in general are dangerous to his agenda, so he will do whatever he can to stop the expansion of these programs. De Blasio, and Democrats like him, will cry racism when there is none, and they will sue states to stop school choice. This has already happened in Louisiana.

Be aware of all the tactics of the Left. They are smart, and they own the schools.