New York Gun-Owners Getting Letters Instructing Them To Turn In Their Weapons

Thanks to New York’s gun registry, officials know exactly what kinds of guns residents have and where these people live. Due to changes in New York’s gun laws with the passage of the misnamed SAFE Act, many residents are now in possession of certain “unlawful” firearms which were previously legal.

Kit Daniels of Infowars writes:

The notice provides gun owners, who possess firearms now prohibited under New York’s unconstitutional SAFE Act, the “options” to either surrender their firearms to the police, remove them from the city limits or otherwise render them inoperable…

The SAFE Act, which was passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor on the same day in January, has numerous, draconian provisions including, but not limited to:

– Outright ban of magazines holding over 10 rounds

– Restriction on more than seven rounds being loaded into a magazine; the limited exceptions do not include home defense

– Mandatory background checks for ammunition

– The creation of a firearms registry for what the state considers “assault weapons”

– A requirement for firearm permit holders to fill out a form to keep the state from publicly identifying them

We always warned that gun registration would lead to confiscation. But the registration part was always touted as a safety measure. They just wanted to make sure that no guns ended up in the wrong hands. So, government officials had to know who had what guns and to whom they were transferred. They needed to be able to track them. If you were a law-abiding gun-owner, then there was no reason for you to worry. They were only looking out for criminals. “No one’s coming for your guns,” they’d say with a wry smile.

Well, yes, they are. Albeit incrementally. They’re coming for them, one law at a time.