New York City Faces 20% Homicide Increase Amid Bloomberg’s Gun Control Laws

Liberals will tell you that violence is caused by the possession of guns. Cops, high-profile politicians like Michael Bloomberg, and rich actors and actresses can have guns or armed bodyguards, but for everyone else out there, having guns just breeds violence. Since that’s what they say causes violence, the solution to curb violence is to take everyone’s guns away – except of course for cops, government agents and rich people.

People on the other side of the argument say that an armed society is a polite society. That doesn’t mean that there would never be any violence. It means that there would be a lot of innocent people able to defend themselves from criminals, as opposed to a lot of defenseless, innocent people dying at the hands of armed criminals. I’d rather law-abiding citizens and criminals be allowed to have guns than just criminals.

In New York City, where they recently enacted the SAFE Act, crime has gone up. Breitbart reported:

New York City has Michael Bloomberg’s favorite gun control measure in place and is facing a crime epidemic that includes a “nearly” 20 percent increase in homicides.

When NYPD Officer Brian Moore was shot on May 2 with a stolen gun, Breitbart News reported that the strict gun controls in New York were no hindrance to criminals. Those controls–enacted in the January 2013 SAFE Act–include an “assault weapons” ban, a gun registration scheme, a “high capacity” magazine ban, and expanded background checks, among other things.

Although implemented by Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), parts of these controls read like Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety Christmas wish list. Especially the expanded background checks, which Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action campaigned successfully to push in Washington State and which Everytown campaigned successfully to push in Oregon.


So, what has the non-stop push for gun control correlated with for the citizens of NYC? Currently, a spike in “violent crime”–reported by ABC News 7–and a near 20 percent increase in homicides. Yet Bloomberg’s gun control groups continue to tell politicians around the country that expanding background checks reduces crime.

More guns, more crime? Well, that’s not exactly what the data support. ‘Fewer guns, more crime’ is more supported by the data, and New York City is a case in point.