New Year’s Celebration Horror in Shanghai, China as 36 are Killed in Stampede

A horrible situation played out in the midst of celebration on New Years Eve as 36 people were killed in a stampede of people in Shanghai. Another 47 victims were injured for what seems to be no reason at all.

Witnesses say the problems began as people began to bottleneck on a staircase near a viewing station, something happened and the crush of people began to push, things became so difficult that some pedestrians on the stairs actually began to jump off of the staircase. Next the crowd on the stairs seemed to surge and fall forward which is when the people behind them began moving forward as well… stampeding the people who had fallen, in the process.

“People were screaming, women were screaming and people starting jumping off the staircase to get clear,” a Shanghai resident named Sarah said. “There was a quiet, and then people on the stairs fell in a wave and people started to get trampled.

The stampede lasted for a full five minutes before the crowd could regain composure and begin seeing to the victims. What a horrible, horrible sight.