New Poll Shows Shift Against Obama’s Lies

There is certainly a difference between stupidity and ignorance. For a long time, I believed that they were one and the same. I would sit and wonder, in astonishment, at how incredibly stupid people are; specifically those who vote Democratic. I would think: “Am I living in a country where roughly 50% of the population is just plain dumb?” It took me a long time to understand the fine line separating these two types of understanding. Stupidity can’t be changed; ignorance can.

Retiring Senator, Jim DeMint said this yesterday:

“Most of us here are not in the loop of what they’re discussing…To take more money out of the real economy and give it to politicians and bureaucrats, no matter who you take it from, is not going to help the middle class or anyone else…We all realize it’s a political trophy, not a solution…He’s going to get his wish. We’re going to be raising taxes, not just on the top earners. Everyone’s going to pay more taxes next year in this country and I think that’s what the president wants. But, we’ve doubled the size of government and doubled spending over the last ten years. … Tax revenues at current tax rates will probably be at historic highs, and if you look at the facts, we don’t need more revenue, we just need to stop the spending. The president is not going to stop spending… It’s hard to work with someone who I think is intentionally trying to take us over this cliff.”

This kind of behavior on the part of Obama and the Democrats is nothing new, but what appears to be changing, just slightly, is the level of ignorance in this country. For a while now, polls have been showing that if we fall over the fiscal cliff, the people will blame Republicans. Of course, there wouldn’t be reason to blame Republicans, but the Democrats–through the media–have half the country eating out of their hands.

However, the tides may be turning. According to a new NBC/WSJ poll: “A majority of voters would blame both President Obama and congressional Republicans equally if efforts to find a deficit deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff” fail. Fifty-six percent surveyed in a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll say both sides would be responsible if a compromise is not reached.”

In the face of the facts, that might not seem like a big deal. With Obama’s proposal of a 4 to 1 tax increase to spending cuts ratio, and $1.2 trillion in new revenues–most of which will go to new spending–it may seem obvious that the tide should turn. But we live in a society of blissful ignorance. We live in a society where Obama can tell an outright, deliberate lie, and half the country takes him on his word. So the fact that the polls are shifting, even a little, is a good sign. Maybe the kingdom is falling.

In summary:

We cannot take this news and chuck it out the window. We cannot let our defeat in November, and disillusionment with congressional Republicans make us apathetic. This shift in the polls is a sign that the veil is being lifted. It is our responsibilty to continue to unravel Obama’s lies in as vocal a way as possible. Half the country is ignorant, true; but that does not mean they are unable to be educated. Ignorance is not stupidity; it is a lack of understanding and education. As long as we continue to push, educate, and explain what’s going on, people will learn. Don’t give up on the other 50%, even when it seems like we should. We are the only thing standing between freedom and Fascism.