New Poll Shows GOP Likely to Win Senate in November

Earlier this year, less than half of the likely voters polled said they believed that Republicans would win control of the Senate in the November election. In January, only 44% had faith of a GOP victory. Those figures go along with many polls that showed that Democrats had slightly higher approval ratings than Republicans.

However, the tide is now swinging in favor of the Republican Party according to the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey. The January figure of 44% has now risen to 54% who believe that it is likely that the GOP will control of the Senate and all of Congress. Of the 54% that said it’s likely, 20% said it’s very likely that the GOP will take control of the Senate. On the flip side, only 29% said they believe a Republican takeover of the Senate is unlikely. Of that 29%, only 5% said that it is not at all likely.

Likely voters were also asked if they thought that the Democrats could win back the House of Representatives. Earlier this year, 44% of the voters thought there was a chance the Democrats could win back the House, but that figure has dropped to 42%. The stronger responses ranged from 13% who said it is very likely to 15% who said it’s not at all likely.

An interesting result in the latest survey indicated that we will see noticeable changes in our lives regardless of who wins in November. If Republicans win control of Congress, 54% said they expect to see a noticeable change in their lives and if Democrats win control, 57% said they believe we’ll see a noticeable difference in our lives.

What they didn’t ask was if the changes they expect to see will be good or bad so I’ll answer it as I see it. If by some chance the Democrats keep control of the Senate, I see our lives taking a noticeable nosedive down to ruination. It won’t matter who controls the House. On the hand, if the Republicans can seize control of the Senate and keep control of the House, I expect to see noticeable changes for the better. They will then have the power to rein in Barack Obama and stop his power trip. That is if they have the fortitude to act as they should.

If the Republicans fail to win the Senate, we will continue to see a stalemate in Congress. We’ll also see more executive orders from Obama, most of which will be illegal, but no one will stop him.

If the Democrats keep control of the Senate and win the House, we are certainly destined to utter ruination before the 2016 election, that is if there will be a 2016 election.