We Are The New Media & We Can’t Mess Up

We have three branches of government. These three branches come together to create a full governing entity. Theoretically, having multiple strings pulling our country has a balancing effect. When one or two of the branches fall under the influence of a single political Party, the other can be used to weigh the scale in order to avoid dramatic shifts. But there is a fourth branch of government: the media.

The media is the watchdog. It keeps an eye on Washington, exposing corruption, and keeping politicians on the straight and narrow. It is through the media and the media alone that the public knows anything about what goes on in Washington. Were it not for television, newspapers, and the internet, we would be in total darkness. The media has nearly infinite power. Its influence eclipses that of politicians and leaders of any kind, which is why it is very important that I address the seriousness of our current situation.

I was watching the new Netflix documentary “Mitt,” and early in the film, they talked to a barista. He said that he got all his news from The Daily Show and Colbert. Just a few days ago, a friend of mine said the exact same thing. I hear this constantly from friends, and colleagues. This and the New York Times. A stunning portion of our country, most of whom are 30 and under, get their news from sources that are wildly biased, and often criminally so.

These sources—if they can even be called that; it gives them an air of legitimacy that they don’t deserve—are not news agencies, they’re shills for the Democrats. For example—as if I need any—New York Times Magazine just ran a 5,500 word gospel on Hillary Clinton, and there was not a single mention of Benghazi. Of course there wasn’t! The entirety of the media aside from Fox wants a Hillary presidency. When one Party controls the press, they control everything. They hold the key, and that puts them in the position of power.

The media has lost all legitimacy, but they are treated by the public as gods. The masses eat it up because they don’t know any better. And the worst part is, unless we do something about it, they won’t ever change. A goldfish doesn’t understand life outside its bowl, because it doesn’t know there is one. Our media has trapped a large portion of Americans in an information bowl. They know little, and they will never expand their small understanding.

This has been written about to death, but I believe it is the most important issue of our time. If the media works for one side, we lose. It is our responsibility to inform the Daily Show watchers of our generation. It is up to us, and only us, to pull our friends and family out of the enclosure in which the Democrats, and their media lovers, have locked them up. Time is running out. 2016 is coming quickly. The media is no longer relevant. We are the new media.