New Marijuana Laws Are Racist Or Something

The legalization of marijuana has become a retardedly major issue in this country of degenerates, with even our former-pothead current President recently saying in an interview, “Meh, weed ain’t a big deal; choom it up, gang!”

Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational pot use (which is the same as medicinal pot use, but without the bogus excuses), and other states are now talking about doing the same.

Opponents of legalization worry about the overall effect it will have on society—will we become more slothful, will this lead to the destigmatization and subsequent legalization of other drugs, and so on.

But black-pride website The Root (black-pride websites can exist here in America without being whined about by the majority of the country, unlike white-pride websites) has found another facet to the issue in an article whose author worries in the title, “Will White People Get All the Good Weed?”

Of course that’s what they’re worried about over there. What else would it be but a lamentation of white privilege and a shortage of drugs?

The author expresses concern that because America is racist, white people will get higher-quality marijuana and blacks will be forced to settle for cheaper stuff laced with chemicals.

What kind of weed will certain populations get? Will market forces command higher grades of pot sold to some and lower grades sold to others? Suburban (and mostly white) teens will have little need to venture into the hood for dime bags. The legal purchase of quality cannabis could be one sprawling town center away.

Could that pose serious problems for underserved populations? Low-income, working- and middle-class communities of colors are already challenged by access to better housing, health care and groceries. But what happens when these populations access the marijuana marketplace for medicinal or recreational purposes? Will they be able to afford it?

Who cares? Getting high isn’t a necessary expense.

And will street-level dealers, pushed to the edge of extinction by legalized pot, rely exclusively on cheaper, synthetic pot as a way to keep their business afloat? What sort of public health crisis will that cause for communities already shaken and battered by chronic disease?

If you can’t afford quality dope and you settle on a riskier product, that’s your own choice. If you don’t want cheap weed but can’t afford the good stuff, oh well, bud. Get a job so that you’ll have more money to throw away on drugs. It’s not white people’s problem what individual choices a black person makes.

We should have known, though, that in black people’s current war against whites, the introduction of a new political issue would bring about more hysterical cries of racism from their community. It will never end. Those people can find racism in anything.