New Jersey City Bans Toy Guns

Some people are actually saying that this will save lives. That’s always the excuse they use when they want to ban something. It’s for the children.

The ordinance passed by the Atlantic City Council in New Jersey prohibits the sale and possession of realistic-looking toy guns. The really bright-colored or transparent toys are exempt. For now. If it looks realistic, it’s now illegal to sell or possess it. Press of Atlantic City reported:

The toy gun ordinance, introduced by all of council and initiated by Police Lt. James Sarkos, bans the sale, possession or use of any imitation firearms — except for non-firing antiques and film prop guns — which aren’t in bright, fluorescent colors or transparent. Pistols that use metal caps are banned from being sold to minors.

“We’ve gotten a lot of phone calls from D.C. and Philadelphia,” Tibbitt said. “This is catching on. This may be saving some lives,” Marsh said.

This will be about as effective at “saving lives” as a ban on real guns. Their reasoning is that sometimes, people use realistic-looking toy guns in crimes. Again, if you’re dealing with criminals, a ban on toy guns isn’t going to stop them from obtaining a toy gun.

Can you imagine a black market for toy guns? Criminals would have to traffic them in from out of state.

If a criminal wants to get his hands on a toy gun, no law on the books will keep him from getting that toy gun.

Toy guns don’t kill people. Even if you loaded a toy gun, and shot it at someone, it probably wouldn’t do anything, except maybe make a noise.

Banning real guns hasn’t done anything to save lives. Why would liberals think that banning toy guns would do anything?