New Gun Laws Force Museum to Remove Historic WW2 Guns

In November, Washington state voters passed Initiative 594. The initiative greatly expanded the state’s background checks to include all private gun sales and transfers. It even calls for background checks for when a grandfather passes one of his guns down to a grandson. The extended background checks also cover firearms donated to museums and institutions. The only exception is for guns manufactured prior to 1898.

The new law is already affecting at least one historic museum, the Lynden Pioneer Museum in the small town located less than five miles from the Canadian border. They have 11 rifles from World War 2 on display that were donated to the museum. The display is titled Over the Beach: The WWII Pacific Theater and it runs through until May 1, 2015.

Under the I-594, if the rifles are not returned to their owners by December 4 the museum would be required to run expensive background checks on the donors of the rifles.

Tony Luginbill, the director of the museum said:

“I read through the law about 10 different times looking for a loophole.”

Like so many other laws pushed through by liberals that want to trample on the rights of Americans, those behind I-594 say that they never intended for it to affect museums like the Lynden Pioneer Museum. Geoff Potter, a spokesman for Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, spearheaded the push to get I-594 passed. When he heard about the dilemma that the museum was in, he told the media:

“This is clearly not what was concerned when I-594 was designed. You can’t craft every possibility into every law. We think they can go forward with the exhibit, and we hope they will.”

An attorney representing the museum told the media that they only have two options; to comply with the law or challenge it in court. When asked which option they were going to take, Luginbill replied:

“We have elected to comply with the law as we understand it. The ideal situation would be if someone comes along from the state and says, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ If that happens before May 1, we can put the guns back on display.”

So far, no one from the liberal run state has stepped forward to tell the museum that it’s okay to keep the historic rifles in the display and unless that happens prior to December 4, they will have return the rifles to the donors.

This is so typical for issues like this. They not only trample on our constitutional rights but they end up having far reaching repercussions that no one thought out in advance. So not only are Washington state liberals violating the Second Amendment rights of Americans, they are also robbing museum visitors of a chance to view part of our history. But then liberals have been trying to rewrite history to make America look bad, so perhaps they did think through the repercussions of their initiative and that more museums will be forced to remove weapons from their displays as well.