New Drug Being Pushed in UK for Mild Alcoholism

If you drink two glasses of wine at night, you may have mild alcoholism. But don’t be alarmed because the NHS in the UK is here to help you. By giving you drugs.

A new drug called nalmefene is scheduled to be prescribed to unsuspecting Britons to help reduce the health consequences of mild alcoholism:

The plans mean GPs [General Practitioners, i.e., doctors] will actively ask patients about their alcohol consumption even when they see them for unrelated health matters such as low mood, inability to sleep, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The drug, which costs £3 per tablet, is taken when people feel the urge to have a drink and stops them from wanting more than one.

The plans will cost £288m per year and it is estimated to save 1,854 lives over five years and prevent 43,074 alcohol-related diseases and injuries over the same period.

The NHS and local authorities will be required to make funding available within three months.

You see what that means? Doctors will be interrogating their patients looking for signs of mild alcoholism and prescribing a drug for it which will then be paid for by the civil government. I wouldn’t be surprised if the doctors were getting kickbacks for each new prescription as well. That’s socialized healthcare for you. Coming soon to a hospital near you.

And who cares whether the drugs have side effects. Who cares whether there are other more cost-effective ways to reduce alcohol consumption. Or whether it’s even any of the civil government’s business if you drink two glasses of wine a night.

Oh wait, no, it is their business, because they are paying for your healthcare. Okay, my bad. How’s that socialized healthcare working out for you? Why did you vote for that? Your mild alcoholism must have addled your brain.

Oh and, just as an aside, do you think the pharmaceutical companies have anything to do with this? I wonder…