New Case of Voter Fraud Helps Democrats—Surprise!

Every two years, the process is the same: Republicans—keenly aware of the prevalence of voter fraud—try desperately to get some kind of voter identification laws passed. It is, of course, a state by state issue; requiring the coordination of many individuals. In response, the Democrats bray and babble about voter suppression; comparing the issuing of voter identification laws to poll taxes and other such tactics that were used in the past to keep minorities from voting.

According to the ACLU’s website:

“Voting rights are under attack in this country as state legislatures nationwide pass voter suppression laws under the pretext of preventing voter fraud and safeguarding election integrity. These voter suppression laws take many forms, and collectively lead to significant burdens for eligible voters trying to exercise their most fundamental constitutional right…During the 2011 legislative sessions, states across the country passed measures to make it harder for Americans – particularly African-Americans, the elderly, students and people with disabilities – to exercise their fundamental right to cast a ballot. Over thirty states considered laws that would require voters to present government-issued photo ID in order to vote. Studies suggest that up to 11 percent of American citizens lack such ID, and would be required to navigate the administrative burdens to obtain it or forego the right to vote entirely… Despite this frenzy of state legislation to counteract so-called voter fraud and to protect the integrity of our elections, proponents of such voter suppression legislation have failed to show that voter fraud is a problem anywhere in the country. Aside from the occasional unproven anecdote or baseless allegation, supporters of these laws simply cannot show that there is any need for them.”

It’s interesting that the ACLU—long a Liberal bastion—would be trying so fervently to dismiss the allegations of voter fraud. Could they be riding on any kind of bias?

According to National Review, a particularly glaring case of voter fraud is being investigated in the great state of Ohio:

“Melowese Richardson is the Ohio poll worker who admitted to casting two votes in November for President Obama. Now, Ohio officials are investigating if she voted in the names of four other people as well and cast a total of six ballots in the 2012 election.”

In addition to this case, there were numerous other cases of voter fraud, or fraudulent voter registration during the 2012 election. Back in September, the LA Times wrote about ten counties in Florida where potentially fraudulent voter registration forms were uncovered. Following that, in the days after November 6th, Congressman Allen West was defeated in his bid for reelection. He lost in an unfair fight, as many counties reported over 100% voter turnout; some counties even reported turnout as high as 140%.

These are just several cases of fraudulent voter registration. There are many more. As it stands now, approximately 30 states have some kind of voter identification law, many of which are flimsy at best. The ACLU claims it is an undue “burden” to obtain a government issued ID. Is that so? Anyone can go to a DMV and obtain a photo ID in several hours. And if that “burden” is indeed such a problem, why not make getting a photo ID a smoother process? There are certainly ways to make the process of obtaining government issued identification easier.

So, what is at the heart of this issue? What blood keeps this alive? The Democrats want votes. The Democrats are very aware that the majority of voter fraud–as evidenced by the examples provided; as well as numerous others–heavily benefits them. They know that if legitimate identification is a prerequisite to vote, they will lose every double vote, ineligible vote, illegal vote; and all other fraudulent votes that have helped them win elections in the past; including the election against Allen West.

Strict voter identification laws are a necessary piece of a healthy electorate. Of course the demand shouldn’t be undue, but there should be some demand. The reality of the world we live in is such that fraudulent voting will only continue to be a problem if we do nothing to stop it. The ACLU, and other Liberal fronts want you to believe that Conservatives want to return to the days of poll taxes and extreme voter restrictions. That is a blatant lie. This is the truth: Liberals need voter fraud to win elections.

Marguerite de Valois said: “The more hidden the venom, the more dangerous it is.” As long as the Left can scream and spit venom at anyone who tries to enact reasonable voter identification laws, and get away with it, they will do so. As long as the Left can hide behind the concept of “voter suppression,” they will continue to stonewall voter identification laws and a healthy electorate.