Never Waste A Crisis: Dem Uses Mall Shooting To Renew Calls For Gun Control

Right on cue, the media, in conjunction with liberal politicians, are calling for more “common sense” gun control legislation in order to prevent shootings like the one over the weekend at a Maryland mall.

Here’s an exchange between MSNBC’s Alex Witt and Democrat Representative Frank Pallone, from New Jersey.

Alex Witt:  Look, let’s face it. This kind of thing is happening all over this country in soft targets, even in your own state, sir, before the holidays, the Paramus Mall shooting – that was something that was the result of a carjacking that went awry. But talk about what Congress can and should be doing relative to gun control, the mental health component – such a complicated, deep issue – even looking at mall security. What can be done?

Frank Pallone:  I think, Alex, Congress has to take action on gun safety – that’s the most important – and that means banning assault weapons, it means universal background checks, it also means limiting the amount of rounds of ammunition. I mean, these are all things that President Obama and many of us in Congress say should have been done a long time ago, certainly in the aftermath of Newtown. But I just hope that we’d, you know, these types of incidents, if there’s anything positive – it’s hard to imagine that anything positive would come out of it – but at least that it creates more pressure, if you will, to pass that type of common sense gun safety legislation.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but no amount of legislation banning “assault” weapons or limiting magazine capacities will prevent a criminal from killing others. No laws that further restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of innocent people would have done anything to prevent this mall shooting. All those kinds of laws do is give criminals the upper hand.