Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: Pelosi Renews Push For Gun Control

The recent murder spree at the Navy Yard could have resulted in far fewer deaths had the SWAT team not been told to stand down. I don’t know who made the order or why, but there’s no doubt that if the SWAT team had been allowed to do as they were trained to do, that there wouldn’t have been enough deaths to classify the incident as a “mass shooting.” If it weren’t classified as a mass shooting, it wouldn’t be able to be used as political leverage to ban semi-automatic rifles. Even though Alexis didn’t use an AR-15. He took Biden’s advice and used a shotgun.

And I’m not necessarily in favor of using SWAT teams. It just makes no sense that a SWAT team would be ordered to raid an organic farm and hold residents at gunpoint while operatives outside tear up their gardens, but during an “active shooter” scenario, they’re told to stand down. It makes no sense whatsoever, unless someone, somewhere wanted this incident to proceed so that the media and political establishment could use it to push more gun control. I guess they’re getting impatient.

Right on cue, all the gun-grabbers in the media and inside the Beltway renewed their calls for gun bans and universal background checks. Here’s Pelosi, again using the “children card”:

We must honor the memory of those lost not just by moments of silence, but by using our time to pass legislation to reduce gun violence. We need more than that moment of silence… I think the support is there. Ninety percent of the American people support background checks. How come that’s not reflected in some way for this discreet bill to pass the Senate and the House? We’re not giving up on this. We’re not going away. And as you saw yesterday, we owe it to those families. But you know, for such a long time, we’ve had the problem of violence in inner cities and the rest, and now we see Aurora movie theater, and we see a kindergarten in Connecticut and the rest – everyone, your children, my children, everyone is at risk. As protected of a facility as the Navy Yard – 12 people being killed by a lone gunman. We really have to act upon it. So many other factors are involved. But all of them come to a place where background checks would be the answer.

Yes, everyone is at risk if gun-grabbers like Pelosi turn this entire country into a gun-free zone. Criminals would have a heyday wherever they went, knowing that none of their victims would be allowed to defend themselves with a gun.

Oh, but they don’t want to ban guns. Just the scarier ones like semi-automatic rifles. And “high-capacity” magazines. And they want “common sense” gun control laws like universal background checks and the ability to interface between mental health databases and the background check system. That way, if a mental health “professional” decides you’re a loony because of your paranoid delusions about government tyranny, the authorities will make sure you never own a gun for the rest of your life. You’ll have a “history of mental illness.”

Background checks would not have stopped Holmes or Lanza, because they had no record. Alexis apparently did have a record, but since he was only charged with misdemeanors, his past actions didn’t bar him from purchasing a weapon.

But if a background check had barred him from making a gun purchase, what would have stopped him from obtaining a gun on the black market or stealing one or borrowing one from one of his old Navy buddies? What if he wanted to go the IED route instead of a gun? Criminals have all sorts of options set before them if they want to commit a crime. Not passing a background check isn’t going to hold a determined criminal back from committing a crime.