Networks Continue to Falsely Blame Rick Scott for “Fangate”

Networks blasted Florida Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) for his part in the “fangate” saga that played out in his recent debate with Charlie Crist (D-FL)… but when the truth came out that it was the debate organizers who erred, and not Scott… those same networks went silent.


All the while, neither network mentioned that Scott said Thursday that he was there for the debate and told by the debate organizers to not come out as Crist was supposedly not there because he the debate rules didn’t allow him to have a fan.

Appearing on CNN’s The Situation Room on Thursday, Scott told host Wolf Blitzer that: “I was sitting in the back. I was told he wasn’t going to show up and so I was sitting back there waiting for them to tell us to come out and they didn’t tell us to come out and then he went out there.” When asked by Blitzer who told him to not go out on-stage, the Republican incumbent said that it was “the organizers” of the debate as they informed him that Crist “wasn’t showing up. He was balking without his fan, so I didn’t even know he was going to have a fan.”

In addition, on the Fox News Channel’s Special Report on Thursday, host Bret Baier reported that “[d]ebate officials insist Scott never refused to participate, and was awaiting clarification on the rules when Crist took the stage without him.” 

Politico is one of the few media outlets covering the truth about what happened… and it shows Charlie Crist in a much harsher light.

It’s really disgusting when the media decides to lay their hands on the political scales. Helping Democrat Charlie Crist in his attempt to win back the governor’s Mansion is a terrible miscarriage of justice and not at all what the media should be in the business of doing.