NBC’s Chuck Todd Says Hillary Wouldn’t Be a Frontrunner if She’d be the 2nd Female President

Strong words from NBC’s Chuck Todd and I won’t argue with him on this one. He says that if Hillary Clinton were going to be the 2nd female President then she wouldn’t even be considered a frontrunner in the 2016 election.



“If she were running to be the second woman president, I think she would not even be considered a frontrunner,” said Todd. “She’d be just considered another candidate.”

Todd continued, “One thing I think that Washington media gets wrong: There is a Clinton fatigue problem, but it’s in the press corps. I think there’s much less Clinton fatigue in the Democratic party than there is in the press corps. Which, by the way, is going to be a separate challenge for her. The press that’s going to cover her is going to cover her with less enthusiasm and more skepticism than the way Democratic activists are going to embrace her and be enthusiastic about her.

“All that said, she is naturally not the populist liberal that I think the Democratic party would like to have. And she’s naturally not the — I want to say isolationist but — she’s not somebody who wants a more reserved foreign policy. She’s much more hawkish than where the Democratic party is on foreign policy, and she’s much more pro-business than where the Democratic party is.

“So, position wise — I would argue she’s kind of out of step of where the Democratic party is going to be in 2016, but I think the enthusiasm to break that glass ceiling may allow her to overcome those other issues.”