Navy Yanking Bibles from Lodge Rooms until Social Media Protest

Under the leadership of our supposedly Christian Commander in Chief, the US Navy has ended its association with the Gideons and have ordered that the Bibles be pulled from the Navy’ Lodges.

Rear Admiral Robert Bianchi, CEO of NEXCOM created a new policy in June that is being used to pull Gideon Bibles out of every Navy Lodge room. The policy – Navy Lodge Program: 14-004 – signed June 19, 2014 reads:

“The Navy Lodge Program does not require or solicit religious items (e.g. Bibles) for its guest rooms. Over the years, organizations such as the Gideon International have offered to place Bible in the guest room; and local management historically allowed them to be placed in Navy Lodge rooms. Some Navy Lodges have Bible[s] in the guest rooms and some do not.”

“To ensure a consistent policy, the Navy Lodge General Manager will refer all inquiries about placing religious materials, including Bible, to the Chaplain’s Office for the military installation where the Navy Lodge is located. This will allow the Commanding Officer to determine, in accordance with personnel readiness and military regulations, whether the materials will be accepted and how they will be handled and distributed.”

“The Navy Lodge General Manager should advise the Installation Commanding Officer of our intention to work through the chaplain’s office to determine what installation policy is and the method to remove religious material currently in the guest rooms. The Chaplain’s office has been notified by Chaplain Poole at CNIC that this action is taking place. This is to be completed by 1 September 2014.”

“All religious materials left by a Navy Lodge guest, in the future, will be dealt with following established procedures for lost and found property (reference a).”

Even though the new policy does not forbid the placement of Bibles in Navy Lodge rooms, it seems that many lodge managers are using the policy to justify the removal of Bibles. Two whistleblowers, one a lodge employee and the other an active military service member contacted the AFA and Fox News to make the public aware of the new policy and what was happening. The lodge employee said:

“We were told today… that due to a new policy by the CEO of NEXCOM, Rear Admiral Robert Bianchi, we were to remove the Bibles from the rooms. They told us to put them in boxes, where they would be taken to a donation center somewhere.”

So far, at least 40 Navy Lodge facilities have yanked Bibles from their rooms. This is just another way the Obama administration is waging its war against Christianity. I wonder if the same actions would be taken if the rooms had Qurans in them? Somehow I don’t think so.

Once the whistleblowers made the Bible yanking public, a number of Americans took to social media to protest the Navy’s actions. Navy brass stepped in to stop the removal of Bibles from the Navy Lodge rooms. Supposedly, Navy officials claim that they were not aware that the Bibles were being removed and said that the policy has not been finalized yet and is being re-evaluated. .

Navy Commander Ryan Perry told Stars and Stripes:

“That decision and our religious accommodation policies with regard to the placement of religious materials are under review. While that review is under way, religious materials removed from Navy Lodge rooms will be returned.”

The US military has never taken any action against Bibles in military facilities until America elected a Muslim president. Then the war on Christianity in the military began. Christians may have temporarily won this battle, but overall we are losing the war.