Nancy Pelosi Whines About Pay Cut

I would really like to believe that there are people who run for office, wanting to make the United States a better place. Somewhere, in the recesses of my heart and mind, that belief still exists; but with each passing election cycle, I become more and more disillusioned by the people in politics. I know there are politicians who have good and pure intentions, but they are drowning in a rough sea of greedy, power-hungry cretins. Nancy Pelosi is just such a cretin.

With the sequester approaching, and a possible congressional pay cut becoming a reality, Nancy Pelosi is whining. According to The Hill, Pelosi said this to reporters: “I don’t think we should do it; I think we should respect the work we do…I think it’s necessary for us to have the dignity of the job that we have rewarded.”

She then tried to spin that little gem by claiming that while the cuts wouldn’t matter to her, they would effect many of her colleagues, who are the breadwinners of their families.

In addition to this, the House voted yesterday to freeze the salaries of federal employees. According to Town Hall: “The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee cited figures showing that, with merit-based raises and other “step” increases, the median pay for a federal employee in September last year was $72,714, up more than $3,000 from two years earlier.”

This median pay, including benefits, is roughly 16% higher than what is made in the private sector. And when you compare the average salary of a Congressmen with that of the average private sector worker, the results are even more staggering. The annual salary of a House member is $174,000; dramatically higher than the salaries of their private sector counterparts.

Nancy Pelosi is whining over a pay cut; meanwhile, the Obama administration and Senate and House Democrats like herself are writing blank checks with taxpayer money. For example, Obama is proposing yet another multi-billion dollar stimulus–because his last one was so wildly successful.

Democrat Dave Loebsack has introduced a bill that would cut Congressional pay by 10%. Maybe the are some good–though generally misguided–Democrats. Knocking 10% off of the salaries of Congress would amount to a decrease of $17,400; dropping good ole Nancy’s salary to a meager $156,600 annually!

Obama and the Democrats are constantly braying about fiscal responsibility, while their actions tell a completely different story. They spend preposterous amounts of other peoples’ money, then turn around and cry when their pay might get dented. If the Democrats were truly a party of fiscal responsibility–pause for laughter–they would lead by example. However, we all know that that’s never going to happen.