Nancy Mace: Down With Lindsey Graham!

Exciting news out of the great state of South Carolina! Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) will face a Senate primary challenge from an accomplished conservative woman by the name of Nancy Mace. Charleston businesswoman Nancy Mace was the first female graduate from the Citadel and has written for some of the most popular conservative news outlets on the Internet.

Lindsey Graham has consistently drawn the ire of grassroots conservatives all over the country for continually bucking conservative orthodoxy to advance liberal and moderate positions. Just recently, “Maverick” John McCain who has been positioning himself further and further to the left in recent days, went so far as to say that Graham was “like a son to him.” McCain and Graham often work together to force through legislation that conservative activists abhor.

LindseyGraham2ndOne such example happened recently and may very well be what finally drove Mace to challenge Graham in a primary. One week Senator Graham wants to debate the rights granted in the Second Amendment and another he questions the First Amendment rights of American citizens. And yesterday he tells us it’s ok for the government to search our phone records even if we are law abiding citizens.

Mace was taking exception to Graham’s opposition to Rand Paul on the NSA’s intrusive snooping program. Recent polls have shown that the majority of Republicans (and maybe more important – the majority of Conservatives) are against the broad spying powers of the NSA. Moreover, Senator Paul’s position has become more popular as the country has learned more about what the government has been doing.

However, conservatives and Mace have many other reasons to want to see an end to Graham’s political career.  Graham, along with McCain, was one of the chief architects of the Gang of Eight Immigration reform that was shoved through the Senate against the will of conservatives. Graham voted to confirm Supreme Court justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor — both liberal Obama nominees to the court. Just last year Senator Graham admitted that he’d be willing to raise taxes to make sure military spending didn’t get cut. Mr. Graham said the sentiment for raising revenues by closing tax loopholes or imposing higher fees on items like federal oil leases is expanding in his party. Asked about the “no new taxes” pledge almost all Republicans have signed, he shrugged: “I’ve crossed the Rubicon on that.”

So out of touch with conservative voters is Lindsey Graham that two important conservative organizations are looking forward to helping fund a more conservative primary challenger. The Club for Growth, and the Senate Conservatives Fund are both eagerly anticipating a conservative challenge to Graham. “If you’re looking to the horizon of 2014… the sun may rise over South Carolina,” said Chris Chocola of the Club for Growth.

Hear in Mace’s own words why Graham needs to be “let go.”

Most would agree with Senator Graham that radical Islam is the foremost threat to our nation’s security. However, if we are truly protecting Americans from this grave threat, then how does it make sense to supply arms and aid to countries who support radical Islam, bring harm to our allies, burn our flag, hate our culture and allow terrorists to plot against the United States and her friends?

NancyMaceIn Senator Graham’s world, arming al-Qaeda in Syria is a good idea.

In Senator Graham’s world, your rights as an American citizen are granted by the ruling political class and not by our Creator.

In Senator Graham’s world, government should always be trusted but never the American citizen.

In Senator Graham’s world, the Constitution doesn’t exist.

In Senator Graham’s world, the entire Bill of Rights is negotiable.

In Senator Graham’s world, our constitutional rights seem constantly up for debate.

In Senator Graham’s world, he says we’re fighting for freedom but is the first to surrender all of them.

Maybe Senator Graham has been living in a world of his own for too long.

Hey Nancy Mace – if I lived in beautiful South Carolina, you’d have my vote.