Naked, Armed Homeowner Scares Off Would-Be Burglar

It’s not clear what exactly scared the guy off. It could have been the homeowner’s 9mm handgun or the fact that there was a lot more than just his arms that were bare. (You know, right to ‘bare arms’ instead of ‘bear arms?’… Never mind.)

The guy apparently likes to sleep in the buff. He was awoken one night in his Texas home by a flashlight outside his bedroom door. After he saw that his wife was still asleep beside him, he grabbed his handgun from his nightstand and investigated the light. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported:

“I have a tattoo of the grim reaper, my hair is sticking up all crazy and I’m naked,” said the homeowner, who asked that his name be withheld for safety reasons. “I’m not sure if (the burglar) was more afraid of me or the gun.”

Upon confronting the homeowner, the burglar screamed “I’m so sorry, sir” twice before he ran and jumped out of the first-floor window he had apparently used to get into the house. The next morning, the homeowner said he saw the indentations of where the man’s body hit the dirt.

 “He probably went out that window head first,” he said. “It’s all pretty absurd.”

Police confirmed that they received a report about the break-in, but no suspect was arrested.

It’s everyday occurrences like this that show the importance of firearm ownership in keeping people safe. An ordinary gun-free liberal would have had to call the police, and they would have arrived after the burglar had already taken what he wanted and fled and perhaps hurt or even killed anyone in the house.

I don’t think the police have been able to nab this particular burglar yet, but at least the homeowner and his wife were safe. And the guy who broke in probably won’t be coming back to that house again.