Naïveté Is Killing The Conservative Movement

Never underestimate the power of the State to act out its own massive fantasies.” – Don DeLillo

I’m consistently annoyed by my Party, and its constant underestimation of Democrats; it’s become a chronic problem in the conservative movement. Playing nice with Democrats is like walking into a lion’s den with not a single weapon. The Democrats are master gamesmen. Democrats can play the American people like a fiddle, and conservatives are reaching out to shake their hands. It’s naïveté on an embarrassing scale.

Some conservative politicians have adapted wonderfully to the jungle environment that is Washington DC, such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio. But there are still a staggering number of alleged conservatives who seem absolutely clueless in terms of understanding just whom they’re in the sandbox with. The Democrats are like vipers.

The Republican challenger to Whip Kevin McCarthy for the House Majority Leader position is a man named Raul Labrador. He was elected in the 2010 Tea Party sweep, so one would like to think that he would be savvier. But besides being as pro-amnesty as Eric Cantor, his naïveté is embarrassing.

According to Breitbart, Labrador had this to say during a session with Roll Call last year:

Anything we do is going to be called amnesty by any number of people. The reality is that we have to do something about the people that are here; we’ve got to figure out how to do it fairly, so we can solve the immigration problem…The President can buy a lot of goodwill this year by working with Congress to enforce the laws already on the books and – if he does that – we can tackle immigration reform in early 2015 when we’ll be in a better position to negotiate and get real results for the American people.

That’s right, folks. Raul Labrador actually believes that it is in the realm of possibility that Obama would enforce immigration laws! This is laughable for several reasons. First, taking just one look at the current situation at the southern border, where thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring into this country, how could Labrador believe that Obama would suddenly change his policy? Time and time again, Obama has railed against states like Arizona for trying to secure the border, because the federal government refuses to do so. Second, Labrador is failing to see the motives behind the open border agenda of the left.

The entire reason Obama, and his allies refuse to secure the border is because they want to fundamentally alter our nation’s voting demographic to their favor. That’s clear to any conservative who has spent more than a minute thinking about why the left refuses to put a stop to the thousands of illegals flowing into the United States. Knowing that, how could you suggest that Obama might be capable of working with congress on this issue? It’s hopeful, and it’s naive. Frankly, statements like Labrador’s embarrass me.

We cannot continue to play nice with beasts. It defies logic! The only way to win a fight with a beast is to be aggressive. Aggression is the necessary component that most conservatives seem to be missing. We need people who are willing to dive in, and utterly demolish the competition, whether through legislation, investigation, or by using the media. We need people like Trey Gowdy. Raul Labrador is too small to live in a world populated by giants.