My Gods Don’t Bleed: A Story of The Media & Hillary Clinton

Albert Einstein said “I want to know Gods thoughts; the rest are just details.” I’m fairly certain this is how the media feels about their Democratic deities. The media, as the extended branch of the Democratic Party, has become so enamored with their deities that they’ve forgotten who they are as watchdogs, and what they’re supposed to do.

To this point, after the debacle that was the CNBC debate, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio appeared on “CBS This Morning” with host Charlie Rose. The following exchange occurred:

Rubio: “I said Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi. There’s no doubt about that, Charlie.”

Rose: “The CIA was changing its own assessment of what happened there.”

Rubio: “That’s not accurate. What was very clear is that from the very early moments of that attack she knew that it was a terrorist attack, as she shared by email with various people, and yet she continued to perpetuate the lie that this was something–“

Charlie Rose was stunned by this line of thinking, which, by the way, was definitively proven by her emails, and locked into the record when Rep. Jim Jordan grilled Clinton on Benghazi on October 22. Here’s the video:

The exchange continued:

Rose: “If you’re calling her a liar by saying she perpetuated a lie, then why do you think she did that? What was her motive?”

Rubio: “That’s very clear why. They were in the middle of a 2012 election, in which President Obama had made the claim that al Qaeda was being defeated and on the run–“

Rose: “You are saying, senator, that Hillary Clinton lied because she wanted to help Barack Obama in his re-election campaign. That’s a serious charge.”

Rubio: “Yes. Well, it’s the truth. That’s not only why she did it; that’s why everyone in the administration did it. They didn’t tell the truth of what truly happened, and the families of those victims deserve better…there was never, ever any evidence that it had anything to do with a video that was produced by some guy out in California.”

Here’s the video of the exchange:

Charlie Rose continued to argue intelligence confusion, etc, but Rubio wasn’t having it.

This is how the media sees its liberal deities. They are without fault, and if anything was done incorrectly, it was an honest mistake. They simply cannot believe that their gods would engage in malfeasance of any kind, because, well, they’re deities. This line of thinking produces the biased, one-sided nonsense “journalism” that we see today.

Conservatives, for the most part, don’t regard their politicians as gods or demigods; we know they’re simply men and women who have the same struggles and faults as we do. However, knowing this helps us keep them in check. This part of the brain is missing from the liberal media.

The American Pravda operates under one rule: Our Democratic leaders are infallible. This supersedes any other rule. So to level a charge against one of their people is to say that God bleeds. And to say that God bleeds is to say that the impossible has happened. This cannot be. So they argue to the ends of the earth to keep their internal logic afloat, to protect rule number one.

By denying that their gods bleed, “journalists” disarm the American people; they give them false knowledge. Then the American left go around like a virus, spreading this misinformation to friends and family, and eventually to the polls on Election Day.

If you ask them “Why did you vote for Hillary? She’s a pathological liar.” They’ll simply respond with the same “my gods don’t bleed” rhetoric that characterizes the media. After that, nothing else matters. Truth? Nope. There’s another answer. My gods don’t bleed.