Muslims to Hold Conference at Episcopal Church in California

Every church that I have belonged to, had strict standards for anyone wishing to use the church facilities for any type of function.  The person or organization had to be Christian and believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  At one church, I served as chairman of the board of deacons and we turned down several requests from outside groups because their religious views were not in keeping with our church’s standards.

However, many churches are not that caring about their standards and in fact many liberal churches these days don’t even have any standards.

A group founded by followers of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Public Affairs Council just announced that they had decided to hold their 12 Annual Convention at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California.  The choice was made in their attempt to ‘cross interfaith lines.’

Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) was spawned by the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC) which has been involved in an interfaith outreach program for several years now.  They claim that their goal is to educate other religions, Christians and Jews, that they have nothing to fear from their Muslim neighbors.  ICSC has been holding weekly prayers at the First United Methodist Church of Santa Monica.

MPAC was started by a pair of Egyptian brothers who were involved with the Muslim Brotherhood while still quite young.  One of the brothers, Maher Hathout spent three years in an Egyptian prison for his involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood back in the 1960s.  Several years after his release, his family moved to Buffalo, New York and eventually out to California.

In 1978, Maher Hathout helped organize and start the ICSC and in 1986, he and his brother Hassan, established the MPAC as an offshoot of the ICSC.  Their goal was to enhance and spread the “Islamic Movement” by bringing Islam to as much of America as possible.  In 1997, Hassan said:

“America needs Islam. If you look objectively you will see that this current civilization harbors in its body the seeds of its own destruction.”

Maher Hathout has also defended Hamas and the Hezbollah, claiming they are both legitimate organizations that are just trying to defend their own existence.  He has also stated on a number of occasions that the US government has purposely lied about the identities of the 9/11 terrorists.

There is a lot more to say about the background of the two brothers and the real mission behind the Muslim Public Affairs Council, but suffice it to say, that their purpose is not to just get along with other faiths.  They have clearly stated in the past that their mission is to make converts to Islam out of every American, and what better way than to appear all friendly and buddy-buddy with local churches.  They’ll be more than happy to help members of those churches to convert to Islam, but what do you think they’d do if one of their own converted to Christianity?  In most Muslim groups, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, converting to Christianity or Judaism generally results in a death sentence.

Islamic groups such as MPAC and ICSC are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to infiltrate the flock with a goal in mind – consume as many of the fold as possible.  I advise all to be cautious and concerned when having any dealings with them.  Personally, I trust them as much as I trust Barack Obama and Eric Holder, whom I have no trust for whatsoever.