Muslim Leader Says “Terrorism is Part of Islam”

Popular cleric and Muslim religious leader Anjem Choudary was on RT to discuss the terror tactics used by ISIS in their recent streak of violence. Choudary’s opinion is disgusting but more importantly it clashes head-on with President Obama’s sentiment that ISIS’ tactics have nothing to do with Islam.

“As a lecturer in Sharia law, I would say to the people in Russia, the Muslims and the non-Muslims, that every action for a Muslim must be based upon the Koran, the word of Allah, and the teachings of the messenger Mohammed…who is the final messenger for mankind. I mean I would first invite the people to think about and embrace Islam, but those who are already Muslim must know that Allah mentions in the Koran, in fact, if you look in chapter 8 verse 60, he said prepare as much as you can ‘steeds of war’ to terrorize the enemy.  So terrorizing the enemy is in fact part of Islam. I mean this is something that we must embrace and understand as far as the jurisprudence of Islam is concerned.”