Muslim Holy Man Sexually Assaults Girl so Her Parents Started Carving off His Body Parts

Generally we hear that under Islamic sharia law, women and girls have virtually no rights. They are treated like property that can be abused and disposed of at will if they suspect wrong doing without proof. By wrong doing, I mean talking to man without permission, a daughter liking the wrong boy and even being the victim of a sexual assault. I’ve read of accounts where a Muslim woman was sexually assaulted and then she was beaten and even killed by her husband/father/brother for being defiled and ruined.

A Muslim man in Arizona is under arrest for kidnapping, raping and threatening to kill his wife after he suspected she was having an affair. He claims that Islamic law gives him the right to kill her for her suspected infidelity. A Muslim father in Colleyville, Texas dressed up as Santa on Christmas and murdered six people including his estranged wife, teenaged daughter and son. His daughter was dating a non-Muslim and the father was not going to allow it happen. In his eyes, it was an honor killing allowed under sharia law.

However, one Muslim father did not take his wrath out on his young daughter for being sexually assaulted, but turned it against the man who victimized her. The daughter of Abdul and Sultana Qahar of the northern Baghlan province in Afghanistan, was in the care of the local mullah, or Islamic holy man. In typical Islamic tradition, the mullah sexually assaulted the daughter.

Normally, that would be a death sentence for the daughter, but she was brave enough to tell her parents what happened. The parents lured the mullah to their home for dinner. Then they tied him up and began cutting off his ears and nose. Abdul was subsequently arrested for his actions. From the police station, he admitted what he did, saying:

‘I cut off his ears and nose. I don’t know if a cat ate his ears, but his nose went down the drain.’

Frankly, had it happened to my daughter, I would have cut off something else lower down on his body.

Surprisingly, the police say that they have opened a case to investigate the accusation made against the mullah by the girl. He, of course, denies that anything happened. Chances are, he won’t be charged under Afghan or sharia law, but the father will. Sharia honor allows him to take his vengeance out on his daughter, but not her attacker.

While the world focuses their attention of the kidnappings in Nigeria, they turn a blind eye to the horrific treatment that Muslims give their women. Onan Coca, with commented about the overall treatment of girls and women, saying:

“These incidents happen with tremendous frequency in the Islamic world, and all too often there seems to be no justice for the grieved parties. In fact, many of these stories end with the victims in prison or dead, because the families don’t want to be dishonored.”

“The world must stand together to speak out against the Islamic war on women – or we risk allowing the plague of destruction to spread.”

I want to remind you that Muslims continue to tell us that their ways and customs are no different from ours and that they just want to fit into American society. Yet, their treatment of women is the absolute opposite of that here in the US. They have no intention of adapting to our customs and laws, but have every intention of forcing us to adapt to their anti-women customs and laws. If Christians don’t start standing up to fight for their rights, Muslim will succeed to change America just like they are doing in Great Britain.