MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Calls Out the Obama Administration

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell grew observably irritated with State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf on her show Monday when Harf kept spinning the Obama administration’s decision to break the law and not inform Congress of what was happening with the Bergdahl situation.

“What we’re talking about with Bergdahl is somewhat the same with bin Laden,” she insisted.

Adding that Congress was made aware of what the “architecture” of a prisoner swap would look like, Harf maintained that the operational intricacies of the deal, like the bin Laden raid, had to be kept secret.

“I don’t want to argue the point,” an increasingly exasperated Mitchell said. She did, however, by again relating a personal experience in which a Senate committee chair told her that the briefing on the details of the bin Laden raid occurred before the public knew about it.

“It was briefed to Senate leaders,” Mitchell concluded. “I know this from Dianne Feinstein. I know this [Rep.] Mike Rogers.”