MSNBC: Vegas Cop-Killers were White, Racist, “Anti-Government” Right-Wing Extremists

They’ve really gone overboard this time. I mean, more than usual. I’m almost beginning to agree with Alex Jones that this cop-killing was completely staged just so that the police and the media could tie their crime to white conservatives who criticize big government and who support the 2nd Amendment.

If these acts had been carried out by say, a black Democrat, who happened to write a manifesto about how he agreed 100% with Piers Morgan on gun control, and how he loved Hillary Clinton, things would have been very different. Oh, wait. That actually did happen. Remember that guy, Chris Dorner? He was an embittered LAPD cop who went on a shooting spree, killing a few cops. He was a cop-killer. But because he was a black Democrat who loved gun control, the media sympathized with him and made him out to be some kind of hero.

In case you’re not familiar with what happened in Las Vegas, here’s the rundown. A young married couple, Jerad and Amanda Miller, walked into a CiCi’s Pizza, declared something like, “This is the start of a revolution!” and shot and killed two cops. They allegedly draped a Gadsden flag – that yellow, “Don’t Tread on Me” flag – as well as a swastika over one of the dead bodies. On the other, they pinned a note that read, “The revolution is beginning.”

They then went into a Wal-Mart nearby and ended up killing an armed customer who was about to act on them. After a police standoff and brief shootout, Amanda shot and killed her husband before killing herself.

If these two don’t sound like your average white conservatives, then you’re not paying attention. Where would we be without the mainstream media to make every known connection of these two murderers to anything resembling white conservatives?

You like that? They used a Gadsden flag, a flag that’s been popularized in recent years by the Tea Party movement. They talked about a “revolution.” They “hated” the government and the police. On Facebook, they “liked” the 2nd Amendment, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, the NRA, the Patriot party, the American Patriot Media Network, Allen West, Legalize Weed, the Washington Examiner, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks. Seeing a rather long and convenient pattern here?

Amanda apparently worked for the needlework department over at Hobby Lobby; Jerad apparently loved listening to Alex Jones; they both apparently went to support Cliven Bundy on his ranch. On that last item, what MSNBC won’t tell you is that they were kicked out for trying to start something violent. They seem more like provocateurs. Alex Jones is sounding a little less crazy, right?