MSNBC says Obama is “Disconnected” from Reality

Well, it sure is nice to finally see the main stream liberal media catching up to what most of America already knew. President Barack Obama is living in a fairytale world where up is down, yes is no and wrong is right. That seriously misguided disconnect from reality is costing our planet dearly as Obama’s policies continue to lead to death and destruction.

On MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough seemed shocked and dismayed Tuesday morning as it suddenly dawned on him that President Obama might actually be completely delusional.

People all over the political spectrum find it shocking that what the French call an act of war, the president calls a ‘setback.’

He was peevish, petulent, in the Washington Post’s words… he was clearly irritated through the entire press conference. And perhaps most scary, the fact that he seems disconnected from reality. The reality on the ground in Paris, he is the opposite of a neocon, that is more wedded to his ideology than the reality on the ground and he is taking the world for a ride.