MSNBC Ratings Tank Following Zimmerman Trial

Everyone knows that the Zimmerman trial was a circus act to help the media’s bottom line. (And to help politicians garner more voters.) They’re always searching for a story, preferably a tragedy on which they can capitalize and entice viewers.

The Aurora theater and Sandy Hook Elementary School murders were perfect excuses for entertainment media to offer wall-to-wall coverage in order to get people to watch their TV shows that pass for “news.”

Instead of objectively reporting facts of these events, they obsessed day and night over revealing the “shocking” and twisted details of the murderers’ personal lives; “secrets” exposed by friends and family members. You know, tabloid material. That’s the stuff that people really want to hear, and media networks know that.

The Martin/Zimmerman case was really no different. They tried capitalizing off of it like they did with the other tragedies over the past year. They turned it into a racial hate crime scenario. I’m sure that networks like MSNBC expected to rake in the cash with all the outraged viewers they were going to earn. But it didn’t happen.

The media’s “final exam” of sorts was the first hour following the Zimmerman verdict. Politico reported:

“MSNBC’s ratings woes came into sharp relief on Monday with the release of the preliminary numbers for the Zimmerman verdict. In the 10-11 p.m. hour on Saturday night, when the verdict in, Fox News had 3,682,000 total viewers; CNN had 3,407,000 total viewers and won the coveted demo with 1,716,000 viewers aged 25-to-54. In the same hour, MSNBC had 1,298,000 total viewers — about one-third of Fox’s total — and a mere 510,000 viewers in the demo… Despite branding itself as “the place for politics,” MSNBC went wall-to-wall on the Zimmerman trial after watching its ratings tank in recent months. It doesn’t seem to have helped.”

All the time and energy MSNBC invested in race-baiting and trying to stir up trouble to get more viewers definitely didn’t amount to much. All they have to show for is a herd of over-paid info babes and a declining viewership.