MSNBC Plays Race Card on Obama Over Baltimore Riots

In kind of a disgusting twist of liberal use of the race card Alex Wagner at MSNBC just attacked Obama for “only” being half black while talking down to the Baltimore rioters. It seems odd to me that I have to defend the President from MSNBC, but this is just another example of the ridiculous way liberals race bait to win an argument. Sadly for the President, who is usually helped by these tactics, this time he bore the brunt of the attack.

Here is what MSNBC host Alex Wagner had to say

Brittney, you bring up this point in your writing today that it is as much a black-white issue as much as it’s a black-black issue. I mean, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a black woman. Barack Obama is half-black, half-white, but is identified as a black president and they’re using the word thug. Now, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has since apologized, but the president seems, if we’re to believe the White House press secretary, defiantly sort of doubling down on this is how I describe looters and people who perpetrate violence. So what is that conversation in the black community?