MSNBC Host Gets “Stoned” Live on TV

MSNBC Reporter Chris Hayes was physically attacked on Monday night when rioters in Ferguson, Missouri pelted him with rocks and various other objects.

HAYES: “People are throwing rocks at us”

RIOTER: “Y’all tell the true story!”

CRAIG MELVIN: “We ARE telling the true story!”

RIOTER: “Tell the true story!”

HAYES: “People are angry, man… they’re really angry.”

RIOTER: “Tell them what’s really goin’ on!”

HAYES: “We’re trying to…  (To audience)  A few rocks chucked at us. We’re fine, we’re fine!”

MELVIN: “This is something else we’ve seen a lot of tonight, Chris. People wearing masks.”

HAYES:  ”Yeah.”

Today what many conservatives are wondering is… how would MSNBC have reacted if this would have happened at a Tea Party rally? It’s a moot point because of course, it wouldn’t have happened at a Tea Party rally – but the question remains. MSNBC is so blinded by its liberal ideology that they are okay being pelted with rocks by liberals, but when a conservative questions liberal dogma they are labeled as “racist“or even “terrorists.”