MSNBC Hits Obama for Going Back “1000 Years” for Islam Comparison

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell was not impressed by President Obama’s National Prayer Day speech. In the speech he reminded Christians that the Crusades were pretty violent too (like modern Islamic extremism), and so Christians shouldn’t indict Islam because of Islamic terrorism. He also made it sound as if he (Obama) knew better what “real” Islam is and that these modern violent extremists weren’t practicing “real” Islam.

O’Donnell pounced to show Obama a few reasons what he was saying was so wrong…



What the president alluded to today is the fact that some religions have gone through violent phases. Catholicism was the most murderous force on the face of the earth for hundreds of years. But that’s hundreds of years ago. That’s 800 years ago. And so for the president to make a comparison to the Islamic state, he actually has to reach back a 100 years in Catholicism and then tell Catholics and Christians today, don’t get on your high horse.

And Asra [Nomani], in the process, the president seems to be saying that he knows what real Islam is, he knows that there is such a thing as real Islam, and that he can tell you — I want Asra to respond to this, professor we’ll come to you after that — and that he can tell you what it is, and that is a frequent mistake that people who have not been very highly educated in religion make, thinking that there is an identifiable, real version of any religion.