MSNBC Correspondent Purposely Cuts Interview When Bible Mentioned

I’m not sure which of the mainstream media outlets are the most liberal and anti-Christian, but MSNBC has got to be right up there at the top.

By now, everyone has heard of the horrible ordeal that passengers aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph had to endure as the ship lost power due to a fire in the engine room.  Without power, the toilets were not working.  Passengers were handed plastic bags to use as toilets and then crew members routinely collected them.

The loss of power also crippled the air conditioning system that not only kept the passengers cool, but helped to circulate fresh air throughout the ship.  Reports from many passengers said the hallways reeked with the stench of human waste.

After four days of nasty conditions, the crippled ship was finally towed into Mobile Bay, where the passengers couldn’t get off the ship fast enough.  A number of news people were at the dock and tried to interview as many passengers as they could so that their audiences could hear of all the nightmares they had to endure.

One unidentified reporter interviewed a family of four and actually listened to them talk about how various Bible verses helped them to brave through the ordeal.

However, when it came to an MSNBC reporter Mark Potter, it was a different story.  He interviewed two young ladies, Brittany Ferguson and Kendall Jenkins, who had just disembarked from the cruise ship.  The interview was going well until Jenkins mentioned a Bible verse, Joshua 1:9 and went to quote it to Potter.  He instantly cut her off in mid word by pulling the microphone away from her and then turned find someone else.

This is typical of MSNBC and their liberal agenda.  They are not about reporting the truth, as much as they are about promoting a godless liberal agenda which is right in line with the Obama administration.  The second someone mentions God, the Bible, Jesus or anything Christian, they’re out of there and the interview is over.

If you want further proof of their agenda, just look at their program hosts.  Rachel Maddow is a flaming lesbian who is a gay activist.  Al Sharpton is one of the most racist black people in the nation and does nothing but promote racial hatred.  Chris Matthews is as far left as anyone can get with program titles like ‘Gay Marriage Hurts No One; A Gun in the Wrong Hands Does.’  Lawrence O’Donnell is sitting right next to Matthews on the far left bleacher section.

If there is anything I can say about MSNBC is that very little of what they report is factual.  They don’t report news, they report propaganda and therefore are not worth wasting anyone’s time watching or listening to.