MSNBC Compares Gay Marriage Opponents to ISIS

Leave it to MSNBC to claim that gay marriage opponents are not only exactly like ISIS members, but also represent “moral depravity” in America. Now that’s funny. But they’re not even joking.

In reality, the widespread acceptance of homosexuality in our culture is what represents moral depravity. As for being like ISIS, well, I guess many members of the homosexual left wouldn’t mind beheading some Christians. So, maybe they are more similar than I thought.

Watch the video if you can stomach it:

That’s quite a stretch. “ISIS doesn’t like gay marriage; the religious Right doesn’t like gay marriage; therefore…”

Speaking of making connections, we all know how the left is trying desperately to normalize every abominable act. Homosexuality is only the beginning. I mean, look at what NAMBLA’s been trying to do for decades. That homosexual organization has sought to get rid of age of consent laws so that they could legally have sexual relationships with boys or girls of any age. What they want is nothing short of legalized pedophilia. They’re trying to normalize it to the point that if you even frown upon it, you’re a bigot and represent “moral depravity” in this country.

That’s what every liberal in this country wants. They want bestiality and pedophilia to be looked on as completely normal and natural behaviors. Anyone who criticizes them is “judgmental” and deserves nothing but scorn.

The connection’s pretty obvious:  NAMBLA doesn’t oppose gay marriage; liberals don’t oppose gay marriage; therefore…