MSNBC Chastises Rand Paul for Getting “Testy” With Women Interviewers

Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell with MSNBC were fussing over Rand Paul’s apparent tendency to get “testy” with liberal women interviewers. After Senator Paul made his big announcement, he went on the Today show with co-host Savannah Guthrie. As is the wont of talking heads these days, Guthrie went ahead and gave Rand Paul his opinion for him, something Rand called “editorializing.”

And of course, MSNBC isn’t happy with Rand for “treating” Guthrie this way.

Oh, boo hoo. They’re just upset because Rand wasn’t going to let this interviewer define his opinions for him, something they believe is the media’s job. He can answer for himself. And it’s not that he has a problem with women interviewers. It’s that women interviewers seem to have a thing for Rand.

These interviewers are not the geniuses they think they are who deserve the respect they believe they’re due. They’re talking heads who read a teleprompter for a living. Their job is to look pretty and get people to watch them on TV. “Testy” interviewees should be a good thing, because it gets people to watch. I think what they want is for the interviewee to make himself look like a fool under the “intense scrutiny” of the interviewer. When things go in the opposite direction and make the media head look like a conniving liar (which is what they’re paid to be), that’s what they don’t like. Rand wasn’t just going to sit there and let her play her little game.