Mrs. Obama Complains about Segregation, Unwittingly Blames Integration

It’s pretty ironic when the nation’s most powerful black people complain about oppressive racism, isn’t it? We’ve got black people living in the White House, running or helping to run a Western, majority-white nation, and they still insist on “keeping the troubles,” on making sure you and I know just how rayciss we are even when we didn’t know it ourselves. Blacks have an unparalleled ability, it would seem, to know our minds and our hearts better than even we do.

Of course some of us are rayciss; however, those rayciss among us might submit to you that as long as they aren’t hurting anybody, who gives a rat’s what their personal opinions are on, really, anything? And I’d side with these people.

Most of those raycisses were made rayciss not by immersion in the imagined bigotry of their fellow whites, but by first-hand experience with blacks themselves. But black leaders never seem to want to place any blame on their own people. “Stop playing knockout” and “Stop raping” isn’t an admonishment we hear from black “leaders” to their black “followers.”

They never ever consider that the problem is with them, not with whites. It’s always whites’ fault.

First Lady Michelle Obama was in Topeka, Kansas, over the weekend to keep the troubles and relive the past in a commencement speech about racism and inequality and segregation in schools, which Mrs. Obama never experienced because it was outlawed before she was ever born. Oh, what a struggle she’s had!

“Today, by some measures, our schools are as segregated as they were back when Dr. King gave his final speech,” she said. What she calls “some measures” are actually just the free will of the students. Black kids aren’t as comfortable with white kids as they are with their own kind, and white kids aren’t as comfortable with black kids as they are with their own kind. People generally like people who look and act more or less like them. It’s why goths don’t hang out with jocks. It’s nature.

“Many districts in this country have actually pulled back on efforts to integrate their schools,” she said, “and many communities have become less diverse.”

Oh no, not less diverse! The horror! Quick, get rid of all the whites!

“And too often,” she said, “those schools aren’t equal, especially ones attended by students of color, which too often lag behind.” That’s probably the fault of whites, of course, and not anything to do with the intellect of “students of color.”

There always seems to be conflicting messages from these people. On the one hand, they say that white society is inherently racist and negatively impacts the lives of blacks. On the other hand, they believe integration with whites will be beneficial for blacks.

Which is it?