Mr. Rubio: Problem-Solving Starts With Your Sworn Oath

Last week, Presidential prospect, Sen. Marco Rubio penned a Wall Street Journal article asking for American cooperation to solve our nations “broken immigration system.” Once again, instead of focusing on real problem-solving, another elected official plays politics while our country disintegrates.

In “Marco Rubio: The Immigration Reform Opportunity,” Rubio reminisces about “Idea Raisers,” Florida public policy forums designed to give the voter a say in constructing legislative agendas and state law. Rubio’s article asks America to avoid criticizing current immigration proposals. Instead, he asks Americans to become part of the solution by sending him ideas for amendments and policy changes.

I have an idea I would like to submit to the Junior Senator to solve a problem that exists in our Republic. I would suggest that he spearhead a Senatorial commission looking into Obama’s abuse of powers and complete disregard for the US Constitution. Nowhere in the US Constitution is the President authorized to decide which law he wants to enforce. The President has a sworn duty to take care that laws be faithfully executed. The President has used an executive branch administrative tool (Executive Orders,)—by law reserved solely for running his administrative staff and cabinet or for national emergencies—to order DHS policy changes that conflict with the enumerated powers of the Executive Branch defined in the Constitution.

This is the real crisis in America. Are we ruled or are we citizens of a Republic protected by our laws? If Congress fails to faithfully defend our Constitutional protections against Presidential tyranny, no future President’s executive actions will ever be constrained.

I am sure they have a copy of the Constitution in Washington. According to that document, in June 2012, the President of the United States issued an unconstitutional executive order directing law enforcement to cease deporting specific groups of illegal aliens. Last month, during a sequester tantrum, the President’s DHS released known criminal illegal aliens back onto American streets. As per the US Constitution, this is a violation of his oath of office and as such rises to the level of a high crime and/or misdemeanor. An offense that requires Rubio and his Congressional colleagues, by virtue of their oaths, to bring the full force of existing law to bear on the current Executive Branch.

Once again, President Obama has lied to the country (a high crime) usurped the power of Congress (another high crime) and used an illegal, unconstitutional, and unenforceable administrative order to undermine existing constitutional legislation. Although many Presidents have arguably committed similar acts for a variety of reasons, the Constitution expressly prohibits such Executive Branch action. If Mr. Rubio wishes to make a name for himself perhaps he would consider bucking our corrupted system, employ his well-educated legal mind, and reign in, once and for all, the overuse of Executive orders that are destroying our country. That would be leadership. That would be patriotic.

Contrary to government’s addiction to slanted public opinion polls, Americans do not overwhelmingly support “immigration amnesty.” We are pleading for immigration enforcement and border security. Americans are asking our elected officials to undo the decades of immigration laws and policies that led to our current illegal immigration crisis. Our nation is asking Congress to bring back the immigration and naturalization standards and laws that once provided a fair, sensible, and America-first immigration system—not the current labyrinth of laws juxtaposed to make concessions for some Congressman’s constituency.

Our immigration laws worked well in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Illegal aliens feared deportation and those immigrants that chose a legal path to citizenship learned to speak English, assimilated, and thrived in America without the benefit of taxpayer funded government handouts. Immigrant sponsors were on the hook for the financial health of the people they sponsored. Our old immigration laws provided an incentive to succeed. More importantly the law worked. Lack of enforcement, liberal cries to protect “birth right citizenship” for children of illegal aliens, and a defacto amnesty granted to businesses that hired illegal labor “broke” an immigration system that functioned well in America.

Mr. Rubio characterizes himself as a “problem solver” and references this label whenever he reminds America why he went to Washington. If so, why does Rubio and the majority of our elected representatives ignoring the problems created by unconstitutional Presidential action? Reigning in this President and holding him accountable for a clear violation of law would be the most profound action taken by our Congress in modern times. It would re-establish respect for a founding principle currently forgotten by both political parties. This is a real opportunity to unite conservatives and turn this mess around.

Solving Americas problems, whether they be immigration reform, deficits, debt, or national security do not necessarily require authoring new laws. In most cases, our national problems can be resolved by faithfully executing existing law. So let us begin with the US Constitution. They all swear to preserve, protect, and defend it. Perhaps it is time they started to honor that legal obligation or face US justice for crimes against America.