Montana On “Indefinite Detention”: NDAA Is Criminal

Montana is the latest of a growing number of states that is pushing back against the Federal Government on the National Defense Authorization Act. The law is now going to the state senate, but it passed the Montana State Legislator a whopping 97-1.

According to the Tenth Amendment Center:

“If signed into law, HB522 would make it illegal for Montana to participate in NDAA indefinite detention: ‘The state of Montana may not provide material support or participate with the implementation of sections 1021 and 1022 of the federal National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, Public Law 112-81, within the boundaries of this state’ Noncompliance with federal law is 100% noncontroversial both legally and constitutionally. There’s absolutely ZERO serious thought that supports the idea that the federal government has the constitutional authority to require state agents to enforce federal laws. Even the Supreme Court has affirmed this more than once in recent history. Statements to the contrary are absurd. Such noncompliance on a wide scale is very effective in rendering an unconstitutional federal act null, void or just unenforceable.”

I’ll be quite honest. I wish the bill would do more. I wish the states would declare that all Federal implementations of those sections of NDAA are counted by the state as criminal abductions and the perpetrators personally subject to the state code that applies to abduction and/or kidnapping. The reason I want this is because it is simply true: carrying out the NDAA simply is a criminal act of kidnapping. The due process clause is the law of the land over the Federal Government. Congress has no more authority to pass laws that bypass due process than it has the power to nullify gravity.

In this area, as in many others, Congress is nothing more or less than a criminal conspiracy against the laws of the land. The only difference is that if someone kidnapped your son or daughter, they wouldn’t call you and tell you that they were acting to keep you safe. Criminals may be evil psychopaths, but they usually spare adding such an indignity to their other crimes. The people in our federal government know no such limitation on the ways in which they violate the people.

Still, the bill does show definite pushback. Conservatives (and all civil libertarians as well!) who live in Montana should definitely call the state Senate and demand they take action and pass the bill into law. The Tenth Amendment Center provides action steps for residents of Montana.

It is the nature of our current situation that I am usually blogging about bad news. While governors talk big about opposing Obamacare they have been retreating on their promises because the Federal Government is offering so much free money (at least for now). Hopefully enough state legislatures and governors will realize that the money isn’t really free. But in the case of resisting the NDAA, we have a much better and more bipartisan shot at throwing this law back into the face of the Federal Government. Abduction is not free money; it is a reign of terror.

So let’s work and pray to smash the NDAA.