Money Man Jim Cramer says Chris Christie has the Best Fundraiser!

If money is what matters most in politics, then CNBC money guru Jim Cramer says that Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) has the inside track to the White House! Cramer was speaking to NBC’s Chuck Todd about the state of the race when Cramer brought up the fact that Christie may be best positioned to start bringing in the big bucks, thanks to his relationship with Home Depot founder, key fundraiser and political impresario, Ken Langone.



Jim Cramer: There are some Christie fundraisers, Ken Langone, this man who started Home Depot, may be the most powerful fundraiser, and everyone takes his call, and you tend to do what he wants.
Chuck Todd: OK, but that’s Christie. How many more people are going to follow Ken Langone?

Jim Cramer: A surprising number because he is so boisterous and because he really has on his Rolodex the S&P 500. Everyone takes his call, and I think it’s surprising to hear how reasoned he is about why Christie would be great for business given the fact that New Jersey has the highest debt service of any state. It has not been a banner time to be a Jerseyite.