Moms Demand Action Outraged over Arrest of Assailant

White guy arrested for attacking lawfully armed black guy; Moms Demand Action outraged over arrest.

A gun control “good Samaritan” saw a fellow Wal-Mart shopper get out of his car with a gun holstered under his shirt. He followed the gun-owner into the Wal-Mart and then tackled the guy and put him in a chokehold, yelling to everyone around that he has a gun. Reportedly, the gun-owner yelled back in response that he was a licensed concealed carrier. Here’s surveillance footage of the attack:

While the attacker may have had “heroic” intentions, he was arrested for battery. Now, the gun control lobby is in a tizzy over the man’s arrest. How dare the police arrest this man for what was only a natural response to seeing an armed black man. The Daily Caller reported:

Clarence Daniels walked into a Wal-Mart in Florida with a gun under his jacket. Another man, Michael Foster, spotted the holstered weapon, followed Daniels into the store, then jumped him. Foster put Daniels in a chokehold and told patrons the man had a gun. When the police arrived Foster was arrested for battery.

Daniels, it turns out, has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Normally the story would end there, but this cut-and-dry case of one man attacking another over the perceived, and not real, threat he posed caught the attention of a leading anti-gun advocate.

Shannon Watts is the perfunctory head of the Michael Bloomberg front group “Moms Demand Action,” a small anti-gun group into which the billionaire Bloomberg pours millions. Upon hearing of the attack on Daniels, who was following the law, Watts tweeted:

“Man arrested for tackling man with gun at Walmart. Because America.… #gunsense

I get that Moms Demand Action despises guns and gun-owners. But now they’re trying to justify assault and battery on someone who had done nothing wrong. Assault and battery, maybe even murder, are fine if the recipient is carrying a gun.

If you have a reasonable suspicion about someone, whether they’re carrying a gun or not, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping that person in your sights at a safe distance just to make sure everything’s fine. But, come on. Tackling the guy? Putting him in a chokehold? It’s a wonder he didn’t get shot.