Mom Gets Shotgun for Mother’s Day, Uses It against Intruder

How many of you would ever consider giving your mom or wife a shotgun, rifle or handgun for Mother’s Day, birthday or even Christmas? After reading this, you may want to consider giving her a gift that could save her life.

One Oklahoma mom was given a 12 gauge shotgun for Mother’s Day by her son. In September, she was very thankful for that gift when she heard someone trying to break into her house. Her handicapped daughter was asleep in the house at the time and mom’s protective instincts kicked in and she came to her daughter’s defense like a mother grizzly protecting her cubs.

Grabbing her shotgun, mom ran out the backdoor to confront the intruder and ended up shooting him in the butt. After being shot, the intruder then got tangled up in an electric fence before finally making his escape. Although there was a trail of blood to follow, the police were not able to locate the intruder, but suspected that he would eventually turn up at a local hospital.

The mom, Cathy Kouba, told the local media:

“I have a daughter that’s handicapped and she was asleep on the bottom floor, and so for the fear of her being hurt, motherly instincts kick in and, you know, I worked hard for what I’ve got. And you’re not going to come and take it away from me.”

Don Cannon, of reports:

“This is the 35th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Oklahoma and the 1,291st defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.”

“This incident is the one of the most common types of defensive gun uses. That is, one in which no one was killed. Despite this being one of the most common types of defensive gun uses, these incidents are often not included in statistics about defensive gun uses. Many of these statistics and studies focus solely on justifiable homicides, which represent only a fraction of total defensive gun uses.”

In other words, there are far more than just the 1,291 defensives uses of guns that they have documented. The number is probably many times that as I once had to use my handgun to protect myself from four Hispanics and although it was reported to the police, I doubt that it ever made the list of defensive gun incidents tracked by

Now consider that Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg, would prefer that all of the people that have used their guns to save themselves, their family or property, be left unarmed and at the mercy of home intruders, rapists, molesters and other violent attackers. They don’t want you to be able to protect yourself as they say that’s the role of the government.

Obama would have preferred that this Oklahoma mom and her handicapped daughter been vulnerable victims of the home intruder. In their eyes, they would prefer to see you beaten, raped or murdered rather than the person committing the crime against you or your loved ones.

I hope you truly think about that when you go to the polls next month and cast your valuable vote for those who support the Second Amendment and your right to protect yourself and your family. You may also want to consider getting your mom or wife a gun for Christmas, birthday or Mother’s Day so she can protect herself and her family. If so, I highly recommend the friendly people at Liberty Guns who will help you select the perfect gun for mom, wife, daughter or girlfriend.