Mob of Black Teens Beat Three People Unconscious

We just reported last week about how a gun control mom group funded by Bloomberg is trying to pressure Kroger into becoming a gun-free zone, specifically an open gun-free zone. I’ve stated my own views on open carry before. I personally wouldn’t want to walk around with a rifle on my shoulder, simply because I don’t want any attention from the police. There are too many stories of police overreacting, shooting, killing, or at least throwing someone in jail, and all that person was doing was exactly the same thing the cop was doing – carrying a gun out in the open. I personally don’t think it’s worth it to cause a potentially fatal scene. However, I don’t think it should be outlawed. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with openly carrying a gun. People get scared to death of it, because they’re not used to it.

Coincidentally, around the time that Mr. Jolly wrote about Bloomberg trying to get Kroger to disarm their customers, an incident happened in Memphis, Tennessee where a huge mob of black teens stormed a Kroger parking lot and beat up two Kroger employees and one customer. It’s times like these that make the case for concealed carry and maybe even open carry. Breitbart reported:

Police reported they had received a September 6 surveillance video showing the swarm of black teens pushing, punching and kicking the young store employees at the entrance to the store.

According to Memphis police, the group emerged from a restaurant in the same strip mall and immediately attacked a 25-year-old man as he left his car in the parking lot and headed for the grocery store.

Two grocery store employees ran to the man’s aide, and the black mob attacked them as well, brutally beating all three victims into unconsciousness.

Police report that the crowd of up to 20 teens were laughing and yelling “fan mob.”

All three victims were treated on the scene and refused transportation to the hospital.

There was no mention by police of a “hate crime.” It was just a case of “teens being teens.”

I know I say this all the time with these types of cases, but it bears repeating over and over again. Because this was a mob of black teens beating up a few white people, it won’t make national headlines. Imagine if the roles were reversed. Eric Holder would be there at a moment’s notice on the scene, investigating the incident as a “hate crime.” And the black community would be incensed, and there’d be even more looting and rioting, and it would all be justified by the media.

Because this was a mob of black teens beating up white people, the mere mention of this incident is “racist.”

Here’s video of the mob: