Mitch McConnell Bashes Tea Party

The Senate Conservatives Fund is giving conservatism a bad name…They’re [SCF] participating in ruining the [Republican] brand. What they do is mislead their donors into believing the reason that we can’t get as good an outcome as we’d like to get is not because of a Democratic Senate and a Democratic president, but because Republicans are insufficiently committed to the cause—which is utter nonsense…To have the kind of year we ought to have in 2014, we have to have electable candidates on November ballots in every state—people that don’t scare the general electorate and can actually win, because winners make policy and losers go home…We can’t just turn the other cheek and hope for the best. It didn’t work in 2010 and 2012 so we’re going to try something different in 2014.” – Mitch McConnell

So, what you just read was a supposed Republican not only viciously attacking the Tea Party movement (made up of actual conservatives), but claiming that the 2010 mid-term election didn’t work. It’s official: I’m donating to his primary opponent.

First, let’s break this down into more digestible portions. McConnell makes a point that it is not Republicans who are to blame for the ills of Washington, but Democrats. He also makes a misleading claim that Tea Partiers believe that it is solely the fault of Republicans. That is not the case at all. The Tea Party knows that Democrats are the leading enemy, but they also understand that if Republicans just sit back and do nothing, they are just as responsible for the fall of our American empire.

McConnell says what he says in the way that he says it deliberately. Did you get that? He knows that he is misrepresenting the Tea Party, and he does so to make them seem ridiculous. He builds a straw-man, tears it down, and then asks if we all saw how strong he is. It’s absurd.

Second, he claims that we failed in the 2010 mid-terms. On what planet does he exist? It was the surge of Tea Party candidates, backed by true-blue, American conservatives that led to a Republican domination in 2010. More than that, the reason we failed miserably in 2012 was because we had a weak, moderate presidential candidate, who led a weak, moderate pack of Senate and House candidates right in to the jaws of defeat.

Mitch McConnell just wants to save his skin, that’s all. He has no desire to fight for anything except his job. Which is all the more reason he needs to go next year. He says he wants “electable candidates,” let’s give him one next year.