Mistaken Identity: Cops Beat up the Wrong Man so Severely He’s Hospitalized

The cops beat up the wrong man!  Father of three Roger Carlos was out taking pictures of a building that was soon to be where his wife would set up her medical practice. Out of the blue, three cops – one of them an undercover agent with the drug task force and two of them San Antonio police officers – charged at him, and before he even had time to try to comply with their demands, started beating him up. He sustained injuries to his face, neck and skull after he had been hit some 50 times by these three cops.

Then a fourth cop showed up and said they had the real suspect in custody not far from where they were.

The cops were looking for Josue Gonzales who evaded them when they were trying to arrest him for possession of a controlled substance. Apparently, it was meth. Gonzales had outrun the police and parked his car in a restaurant parking lot near where Carlos was taking pictures. So, since Carlos was the closest guy around, I guess they thought he must have been Gonzales.

KENS5 News reported:

Carlos meanwhile, was hospitalized after the beating. He was treated for a large gash above his eye and a broken tooth.

Swelling of his head was so severe, doctors performed a CT scan of Carlos’ head as well.

“I could understand taking somebody down hard. I can understand the need for that and securing them, but that’s not what happened. I got on the ground, I was no threat to anybody, I was fully compliant,” said Carlos, who has no criminal history.

“Clearly it was a case of mistaken identity,” SAPD Chief William McManus said.

“From the report that I’ve read, from the photo that I saw and from your description, I’ve not seen anything at this point that would indicate to me that anything out of order happened.”

Yeah, nothing out of order happened. I get the fact that sometimes cops are going to nab the wrong guy. It happens. This was a mistake. A terrible mistake. What if they had killed the guy? Would they have just said, “Oops, sorry about that?” When they make a mistake like this, they need to work to correct it, not act like nothing out of the ordinary happened. The police involved should pay the guy’s medical bills until he’s fully recovered. And next time, they’d better make sure they’ve got the right guy. It’s not worth beating up an innocent person over.