Mississippi Passes Anti-Bloomberg Bill

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been making headlines and enemies over the past year due to his dictatorial edicts against food, drink, pain killers and guns.  Perhaps because he is one of the 10th richest people in the United States, he feels he has the right to impose restrictions upon how much food, drink and painkillers people in his city are allowed to have.

This past week, a New York judge ruled that Bloomberg’s ban on selling and serving large sugary drinks was arbitrary and capricious which led to the ban being banned.

Bloomberg’s tyrannical actions have not gone unnoticed in other regions of the country.  His power hungry agenda is not confined to his own city.  He has spent millions of dollars to influence the state elections in Illinois and the passage of anti-gun laws in Colorado.

To prevent Bloomberg or anyone who idolizes him from trying the same kind of tyrannical restrictions in their state, the Mississippi legislature just passed a bill that they are referring to as the ‘anti-Bloomberg bill.’  The bill prevents any community in the state from imposing similar Bloomberg restrictions on serving sizes or from requiring restaurants from having to post calorie counts on menu items.  Another slap in the old Bloomberg face, the bill prevents any community from banning toys in kids meals.

Mississippi is considered to be the state with the largest percentage of obese people.  There is no doubt that they like their food and drink and they don’t are about calories or what size serving they order.  In some areas of Mississippi, the preparation and serving of calorie rich foods is almost a religion.

It’s also the livelihood of the bill’s sponsor, State Sen. Tony Smith (R-Picayne).  Smith is the owner and operator of the Stonewall’s BBQ chain who prides itself on its ribs and chicken.  Stonewall’s would have a major problem operating under a Bloomberg regime, not only with their delicious food, but with their soda as the only size they offer is a 20 ounce glass.

Smith commented about the bill, saying:

“If we give government a little more control of our personal rights – where does it stop?”

“For a lady, if all you can buy are black shoes, well, that doesn’t go with every dress you may have.  Hey, if you want to buy baked fish, fine, I love it. But if I want fried fish, that’s my right.”

If I ever get the chance to travel through Mississippi, I’ll make sure to stop in at a Stonewall’s BBQ and have some ribs and 20 ounce soda.  Maybe you should too.