Mississippi Lone Abortion Clinic Could Still be Shutdown

Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic is in the state capital of Jackson. The Mississippi legislature passed a law that required the doctors performing abortions at the clinic to have hospital admitting privileges for the safety of the women murdering their babies.

Last week, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the abortion clinic standards law. Had the law stood, it would have meant that the clinic would have to close its doors since none of the abortionists had hospital admitting privileges.

Herein lies the reason for the court’s decision, but in making their ruling, they left the door open for their decision to be appealed to the US Supreme Court, according to Anna Franzonello, the legal counsel for Americans United for Life. She read through the Fifth Circuit Court’s ruling and commented:

“The majority even striking down this law has to say that the Mississippi law does have a rational basis. So the Fifth Circuit has already ruled on what they say is essentially an identical law coming out of Texas on admitting privileges, and that was that it has a rational basis – which means there are reasons why the state would enact this for health and safety reasons for women.”

She commented further about the dissent ruling written by Judge Emilio Garza and told OneNewsNow:

“He really just points to the nonsense in the majority, and what the logical conclusion is that any state regulation would have to be struck down in Mississippi if the abortion clinic doesn’t want to comply with it because they’re so solely focused on the fact that this abortion clinic has to exist in Mississippi. That’s a really dangerous precedent at best.”

Franzonello’s final analysis of the court’s decision is that it is ‘ripe for an appeal to the US Supreme Court.’

Like so many other court rulings in the past decade or so, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on their agenda, rather than on the law. They claimed that abortion is a constitutional right, but it isn’t. There is nothing in the US Constitution or any of the Amendments that gives anyone the right to murder an innocent person. Furthermore, the Declaration of Independence states that every person has the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Additionally, every state has laws against the murder of innocent people and there is no one more innocent or helpless than an unborn child.

Let me ask you a question: What is the difference between Adam Lanza, the psycho that shot and killed 20 kids and 6 teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School and an abortion doctor who murders hundreds of unborn children and an occasional mother?

The only difference is that the public sees photos of the kids and teachers murdered at Sandy Hook, but they don’t see the photos of the mutilated unborn babies ripped from the womb or the occasional mother who bleeds to death at an abortion clinic at the hands of an abortionist. I bet if photos of dismembered babies were shown to the general public as often as the photos of the Sandy Hook victims were, that abortion would be abolished in all of America. Don’t you think it’s interesting that abortion advocates go to such lengths to keep those graphic photos out of the public’s eye?

I hope that Anna Franzonello or some other pro-life attorney does appeal this case to the US Supreme Court and that the high court sees through the personal agenda of the Fifth Court of Appeals and uphold the Mississippi abortion clinic standards law and Mississippi’s last remaining abortion clinic closes its door for good!