Mississippi Has 2nd Amendment Sales Tax Break

It is a 2nd Amendment sales tax break! Just about anything firearm-related will not be subject to a sales tax for the weekend of the 5th through the 7th. As of this writing, it’s still going on, but by the time you read about it, it’ll already be done. Guns.com reported:

The holiday, which runs Sept. 5-7, came as a result of legislation introduced during the last session that was signed into law by Gov. Phil Bryant in March after receiving wide support in the state legislature. The measure implemented the annual three-day period in which the state’s normally mandatory 7 percent sales tax is not collected on the sale of firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, and hunting supplies.

“With dove season underway and deer season less than a month away, this weekend is a great time to take advantage of this tax break,” Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said while visiting an area sporting goods store. “Mississippians love to hunt, and this sales tax holiday makes it a little less expensive to enjoy the outdoors.”

While items such as firearms, knives, and ammunition are clearly covered by the exemption, many other items are also eligible for tax-free sales this weekend. These include shooting bags and pouches, bow fishing accessories, targets, and trap throwers. Other items commonly used by sportsmen, however, such as game lures, gun cabinets, and binoculars are ineligible.

You know how atheists are always getting their panties in a wad whenever they find out about those restaurants that offer discounts if they see you praying over your meal, or if you bring in a church bulletin? This 2nd Amendment tax holiday is a discount for gun-owners. It excludes those who don’t have guns and don’t want guns.

Isn’t this a civil rights violation? I think it’s even worse than the “prayer discount” people. At least that was a privately owned business. This tax break was signed into law by the Governor. It’s a law to give gun-owners and gun enthusiasts special discount privileges at the exclusion of everyone else. If Bloomberg hadn’t thrown in the towel on his failed gun control efforts, he’d be suing Mississippi by now.