Misdirected Anger Over Coke’s Multilingual Super Bowl Ad

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, Coca-Cola officially hung up its hat as America’s soft drink.

The 128-year-old company made a minute-long commercial featuring people of different races and nationalities singing “America the Beautiful” in their own respective languages.

Naturally, conservatives have been complaining about the ad, even calling for a boycott of all Coke products. But they’re doing it for the wrong reasons. They believe it is offensive for that song to be sung in any language other than English, but I haven’t seen many of them attacking the actual message of the commercial.

That message is, of course, that multiculturalism is beautiful; that all the races mixing together, as at the Tower of Babel, is beautiful.

But that is in fact what most Americans believe! Coca-Cola, capitalists that they are, capitalized on that belief. They want to make money, after all, so they want to appeal to the majority of people. With this commercial, they did just that.

But it’s not just liberal America (which is to say, America) that holds that belief; conservatives do as well, although they don’t like to see that they do.

Like liberals, conservatives believe that simply being born here makes one an American. Legally, they’re right, but only legally. And like liberals, conservatives believe that one of the beautiful things about America is that it’s a “melting pot” of culture and diversity.

I left conservatism in part because of this dangerous belief among most of them. I believe “melting pots” are a hindrance to societal advancement. People are naturally more friendly to their own kind. It’s just human nature. When liberal governments force different people to live together, they get turmoil and violence. This isn’t a theory, but a widely observed, long-established fact. To deny it is to be ignorant or politically correct; because conservatives are just soft liberals, they deny it.

It also strikes me as a bit hypocritical that conservatives would attack Coca-Cola when it was simply capitalizing on the widespread American support of multiculturalism.

If Coke made a commercial that only played in Texas and had a pro-life message, would conservatives complain about it? How about liberals? Would liberals lambaste Coke for being a “pro-life” company? Or would they recognize that Coke was just engaging in capitalism?

Knowing liberals and how hysterical and emotional they get, I bet they would boycott Coke and not see the commercial for what it really was: mere capitalism. Conservatives would probably defend the commercial by saying, “Even though I’m pro-life, that’s not why I support the commercial; I support it because Coke was just playing to their audience in Texas. It was a smart capitalistic move.”

Now, I’m not in any way attacking capitalism; I’m just saying that capitalism should only ever be a means to an end; it should not be the end goal itself. I’m also calling out hypocrisy.

Coca-Cola made a commercial the multicultural message of which I adamantly disagree with. If I were a non-hypocritical conservative, I’d praise the commercial regardless of its liberal message because it was capitalistic.

Since I’m neither a hypocrite nor a conservative, I’ll say that Coke’s commercial, while capitalistic, was wrong, even though it’s what America, as a whole, believes in. It wasn’t wrong because it featured a classic American song being sung in different languages; it was wrong because, when you get right down to it, it glorified the slow genocide of a people.