Milwaukee Resident Shoots and Kills Gang Member

It was because of this 30-year-old resident in Milwaukee who defended himself from a teen gang member that five other members were arrested. These kids were part of a group who had committed several armed robberies in the past, prior to the fatal shooting.

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The Daily Caller reported:

A Milwaukee man shot and killed a gang-affiliated teenager with a long criminal history who attempted to rob him and others on Monday.

The 15-year-old reportedly had been shot during an armed robbery attempt about a month ago and was part of a group that had carried out numerous armed robberies several days prior to the shooting.

According to Milwaukee police, a group of assailants attempted to rob another group of people at around 5:30 a.m. Monday, WISN reports. One of the targets, a 30-year-old man, pulled out a gun and shot one of the assailants, the 15-year-old.

Five people, between 14 and 18 years old, were arrested following the incident.

They had also been involved in “dozens” of robberies over several days prior to the shooting, said Milwaukee police department spokesman Lt. Mark Stanmeyer.

Stanmeyer said that the deceased teen was “a known gang-member” whose previous criminal charges included armed robbery and auto theft.

This is really the best way to combat gang violence. The police are there to show up after the fact, investigate and make arrests. Thankfully, they were able to nab several gang members in this case, all because this one guy defended himself with a gun.

Liberals are always saying that adding even more guns into the mix will lead to an increase in “gun violence.” They’d rather defenseless people die at the hands of gang violence than have armed citizens be able to defend themselves.