Is the Military Training for American Martial Law?

There’s a 300-acre city in Virginia now that wasn’t there about six years ago. It has public transportation, a sports stadium, offices, and parking lots. It’s a ghost town though. No one lives here.

It is a military training city that cost $96 million. Perhaps to make us all feel a little more comfortable, the military included a mosque in this fake city, but in every other way, it appears to be a mock version of pretty much any city in America. The street signs are in English, and the subway cars have the same logo on them as the cars in Washington, DC.

What could the military possibly need this city for? What could they be training for that would require a full-scale mock American city? Hmmmm. I wonder. Martial law, perhaps? When every department of “homeland security” is stockpiling ammo, it makes one wonder whether the civil government is actively preparing to make war on its own citizens.

Perhaps the economy finally collapses and they can’t deliver what they’ve promised. Or maybe the President doesn’t want to leave after two terms, and he deploys the military and declares a state of emergency and martial law. Perhaps a county or a state secedes again. I don’t know. But the existence of this training city troubles me.

The military defends the city’s existence by claiming that it provides a unique training environment for their recently created “Asymmetric Warfare Group”—a group designed to combat terrorism.

And that’s what worries me. What does it take to be a domestic terrorist? Writing a blog? Owning gold? Criticizing the current administration? It won’t be long now. If there is a significant enough natural or financial crisis, I imagine people won’t be all that interested in paying taxes anymore. And when that time comes, I imagine the civil government will send in the AWG.